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Rhode Island and Atlantic 10 friends — I see you Ralph from New Shoreham — it’s nice to be back!

After another year of calling Rhody games for Learfield but no platform to write… I got the itch.

My hope for this is to tote a trusted URI voice for sourced takes, hoop analysis, and some scoop to a new medium. I’ll splash in some Atlantic 10 coverage, invite friends from the biz to stoke the conversation, and check in with coaches. Once the season begins, who knows, maybe we’ll share some behind the scenes road trip stuff. Let me know your thoughts below…

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It’ll be informal. It has to be. I’ve got a career that needs careering, plus 8,467 baseball, softball and soccer games to watch and coach, and Rams games to call. Could be a 3-sentence post one day on an observation from a road-game shoot-around, followed by a few paragraphs or quick Q&A with a player the next week. And yes, recruiting scoop when I can.

This beehiiv platform is new to me — so I’ll feel my way through the basic features and whatever other bells and whistles this thing offers. I chose it over other platforms because many had minimum subscription fees I felt to be way too high ($5/month).

Most content will be gated to premium subscribers — and I’ll sporadically push some free content too. I’ll offer the gated content for a modest subscription fee of $1.50/month for the foreseeable future. These fees will cover time and platform costs for next level features.

As for content, we’ll begin with a “summer” sit-down with URI Men’s Basketball Coach Archie Miller coming soon.

So join the College Chalktalk community. Let’s see where this takes us - again.

10:07 pm 5/22/24 — UPDATE: BEEHIIV is experiencing an email matching glitch on the back end from what I can gather. As a result, we have paused the ability to sign up for Ring of Honor premium subscriptions and will make all content free until Beehiiv resolves the issue on its end. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE 2: 6:20pm 5/23/24 - The Premium subscription tier is now live again. Come hoop with us.